Our Real Estate Investment Strategy is divided into Five phases provided in the form of a case study:

  1. Client Consultation: We at Mink Homes understand the requirements and limits for each client and spend valuable time customizing and tailoring investment opportunities to suit each individual's preferences. We consider budgets, client goals, and every other factor to determine the perfect project for you, whether it be a small condo or a large townhouse.

  2. Buying Process: During this phase, we methodically research neighborhoods across Toronto, focusing on key factors such as demographics, access to public transport, highways, new developments, rends etc. We perform due diligence to narrow down the ideal investments with maximum upside potential. Once shortlisted, we proceed with the negotiations for the properties’ acquisition and ensure that our contracts are extremely meticulous to ensure a smooth closing.

  3. Leasing Process: During this phase, we provide strategies to increase the value of your investment through improvements and lucrative leasing structure to maximize cash flows.

  4. Development Process: Although this phase depends on each investment, investing in renovations strategically exponentially increases the value of your investment.

  5. Selling Process: In our final phase, we use the most updated marketing tools along with the most cutting-edge technology in the industry to help you be able to sell your investment at the highest possible price. To successfully execute our plans, we take measured steps along the way from showcasing the property to buyers, completing negotiations, ensuring contracts are detailed and executing the closing smoothly with the help of lawyers. 

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